FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


1) Are your products authentic/real? No, we sell high-quality customized handmade products, exactly like the original. We use the same material and hardware as the original.

2) Can I receive my order the same week I placed the order? No, unlikely since most products will take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to prepare unless otherwise disclosed to you. Upon placing your order expect the order status to reflect "Awaiting Fulfillment" as our artisans customize your order specifically for you. (Refer to Shipping Policy)

3) Are your products used/pre-owned/pre-loved? All products are Brand New, not used, pre-loved or pre-used. You will receive bags that are not mass-produced and customized specifically for you.

4) How long have you guys been in business? We have been in business collectively for 15 years and we've been in this industry since 2008 we appreciate all our loyal customers who have patronized us over the years. 

5) Where do your products ship from? The majority of our products are shipped from overseas.

6) Do you have discounts? We offer promotions, so join our mailing list to know when we do a big sale or have a discount code available.

7) How often do you guys update the website? New products are added daily

8) Do you have this (not found on the website)? We do have the ability to customize products that are either sold out in boutiques or otherwise hard to find so Contact Us if you want to purchase something that you can't find on our website. 

9) How do I know you will send me the items in the pictures on the website? All items pictured are of our actual products, professionally photographed with a white background.

10) What is the best way to contact you guys? We are available to answer all your questions on Live Chat, if you have a request, or sent an email please allow us 48-72 hours to reply to you.

11) Can I receive my order tomorrow if I place the order today? No. We do not do rush orders at all or offer overnight shipping at all. So please be advised to plan your order in advance.

 13) Can you send me additional pictures of the product already on the website? No, all of our products have multiple pictures, however, we can send you the pre-shipping videos before your order ships upon customer request.

14) Do you guys send a tracking number? Yes, of course, all our orders are sent with tracking confirmation. We update the order status to shipped once an order has been dispatched to the shipping carrier. We also send each ad every customer a shipping confirmation email which has the shipping carrier name and your tracking link which can also be tracked on the shipping carriers website (DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS, Aramex, SF Express, EMS, and more)

15) Why is the tracking number not showing any movement or updates? After an order has been marked as shipped allow a few days for any shipping carrier updates of your parcel in transit to you given the exception there aren't any shipping carrier delays which are usually stated on the shipping carrier website.